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Body for Life

Your body was built to move.


Discover and implement exercise that makes you feel good, empowers you and has you looking forward to do it!

Marije’s clients LOVE her holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and achieving a Body for Life. Read why in their own words.

What will the Body For Life pillar do for you?

  • Increase your awareness of the food and lifestyle habits that keep you away from reaching a healthy and happy life
  • Give you strategies to implement to get the healthy body you want
  • Create a sustainable plan for healthy eating
  • Increase your ability to stay focused on your desired outcomes
  • Ensure you are able to plan, organise and prepare your meals effectively
  • Create a mindset to sustain eating nourishing food long term
  • Develop strategies to maintain your motivation moving forward
  • Overcome overeating, binging, cravings and emotional eating
  • Improve sleeping and resting patterns
  • Create mindfulness in your daily life
  • Deepen your understanding of the female body and the changes that happen throughout life, what this means for you and how to manage it
  • Learn exercise habits that are healthy for a women’s body
  • Develop of a weekly exercise and movement plan that is healthy, safe and progressive
  • Make movement part of your daily life
  • Create specific habits to strengthen your core daily
  • Value and prioritise rest in your life

And you will:

  • Feel energised, vibrant and in control of your eating, sleeping and exercise habits
  • Be free of cravings and emotional overeating
  • Be stronger, leaner and more flexible
  • Gain clarity to know what it is you want out of life
  • Love your body
  • Feel empowered to sustain your new Body for Life




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