9 Things To Do To Be Healthy and Feel Good!

I don’t know if you heard it, but it’s flu season here in Australia. Apparently one of the worse flu’s is going around so I will do everything I can to keep healthy. And it’s not limited by just eating well, I believe there is more to it. In the last couple of years I hardly been sick, and I believe a lot of it has to do with my constant effort to feel good.  I live a lifestyle where I not only want to avoid sickness, I want to have supreme health and energy.

So here I share with you the 10 things I do, and you can do, to stay healthy and happy.

Believe you will be healthy

Your beliefs shape your life. I am deeply and truly am convinced that we create our own illnesses and health in our life. And that we have the power to heal ourselves or prevent ourselves from getting ill. The law of attraction states that the like attracts the like and that thoughts become form. The more you think about getting sick, the more likely it will be that you will become sick.   People who live in constant fear, will attract them. You may not like this that I say this, I understand. But I truly believe that we hold the power in our mind to create health and sickness.

So instead of thinking: “I hope I don’t get the flu”, I will think: “I will be healthy, my body will be strong and fight any disease”.  I also put a lot of gratitude in the health I feel, every single day.  I have faith that I will be well. I create health by believing that I’m strong, and I vibrate positive energy, and that is what I get back.

If you are experiencing any type of sickness like the flu,  it can be reversed by releasing negative thoughts of the disease and replacing them with positive thoughts of wellness. So next time you catch yourself being fearful of sickness, start replacing them with thoughts that are positive and happy.

Read more about your beliefs and how they shape your life here.

Put feeling good as the first priority on your schedule

Every single morning I decide that feeling good has my priority. So whatever I don’t feel like doing, I skip. Well, I try to skip because there is definitely stuff that needs to be done. But for those things that need to be done, I decide that I’d better feel good doing it. It doesn’t help staying negative about something that needs to be done, does it? I do my best to feel good when I start my day, and do my morning routine so I set the day up for success and feeling good.(Read here about the importance of a morning routine) If unforeseen I do start to feel anxious or agitated, I make sure to make feeling good my priority again and ask myself: what can I do now to feel good?

Feeling good sends out positive vibration; a mind and body that feels good is less likely to attract sickness. Negative people get sick more often than positive ones, so become a feel-good person!

Tune into your own needs and feelings

The same with the feel-good one; if you are tuning in to your own needs and feelings, you will give your body and mind that what it needs in that moment.  Ask yourself: what do I need right now? What do I want? How do I feel?  By asking these questions to yourself, you will get the answer to what makes you feel best. Due to the overwhelming demands of life we may not always tune in to it, and skip over the fact that we may need a rest, or that we may need a hug or have a great healthy meal. By not giving our bodies what it needs, we run the risk of becoming exhausted and therefore, more likely to become sick.

Let go of anger and resentment

Negative emotions are stored in your body and can create havoc in your body. We’re not only our bodies, we are one with our soul. Negative thoughts and emotions like anger or resentment can be felt in the body. Remember that sometimes when you feel anger, you feel that raging hot fire in your belly?

Dr. Candace B. Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, writes about how unprocessed emotions in the body actually become stuck affecting a person’s entire system.  These emotions have a certain vibration, and lower your energy system (we are all energy!), and disease has a place to thrive in. Increase your vibration by letting go of patterns that are not serving you anymore. Forgive what happened, let go of any anger and negative emotions that are stored in your body. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it. Find a therapist if you feel you have trouble letting go.

Practice self-care to the max

Go out. Have fun. Focus on what you need. Let go of what others need and do all those things that make you happy. Get a bath, go for a walk, have an extra sleep. I’m a huge self-carer, it’s my priority. And I don’t feel selfish, I need it to fill my cup and to give more to others. When I give to myself, I can give to others and that makes me happy and  raises my vibration, so I attract even more health and happiness.

Eat well, skip the carbs

Yes, skip the carbs. Carbs and sugar cause great havoc in your body and bacteria and viruses THRIVE on carbs. Eat whole foods, lots of fresh vegetables and gut healing bone broth or stews. Add a lot of spices onto it, like fresh pepper and garlic and will fight inflammation.  My diet consists of vegetables, healing animal protein and healthy fats. By limiting your carbs (bread, pasta, rice, cookies, you’ll get the idea), you can start burning fat. Burning fat radically reduces your risk for most chronic diseases, whereas eating carbohydrates like processed foods, can cause insulin resistance and and chronic inflammation, which can lead to chronic diseases. I highly recommend reading Dr. Mercola website to learn more about this.

Get some extra sleep

Duh? I know what you’re thinking. I can’t get more sleep because I’m busy / have kids..  I get that. However, making enough space in the 24 hrs in a day for sleep is for me one of the most important habits I have that I don’t compromise with. I have a set bedtime (between 10 and 10.30pm) and wake up by myself each morning around 6.30-7 am. We have a biological clock, and if we follow that, we feel our best.

Do a Morning and Evening Routine 

Starting your day well, with a plan and intention,  and scheduling in some self-care activities and winding down after a busy but happy day, is one of my secrets that keep me healthy.  Use the morning to greet the day, bless that you’ve woken up and that you have the opportunity to have an awesome day. Read more about my morning routine here. 

And that’s the same for the evening. Thank the Universe for this awesome day, let yourself wind down by dimming the lights and reading a good book. These positive feelings will only attract more good stuff in your life.

Play and have fun

Do we always have to be serious? I believe life is a game, and we should play it. I have been very serious for a long time in my life, but have decided that I can have fun. We’ve got a huge playground with great toys, we can have fun, mock around and enjoy this world we live in. Go outside, play with the dog, or your kids, and just have fun. Fun makes us feel good. And the number one priority to be healthy, is to feel good.


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