7 Steps To Get Closer To Your Dreams

I know that everybody has some dreams.. some things that they want to achieve in their life. It can be small, it can be big. It doesn’t matter what you dream about,  sometimes you feel that whatever you try, you’re not getting closer to your dreams. You push, you stress, you struggle, putting action into everything so you can finally reach your dream. And yes, this may work for some. But for some people it won’t, so this post is for them. For those who just keep dreaming, and not achieving their dream.

I’m always dreaming, reaching for more experiences, more excitement, more things that make me hop out of bed. And every day I’m a step closer, by doing just little things to get there. And I enjoy the process!

Now here are 7 steps you can take to get closer to YOUR dreams, whatever they are.

Keep dreaming. Whoa, you may think… how does that help me to get closer to my goal? Bob Proctor said: “What you can hold in your head, you can hold in your hand”.  I believe that by dreaming about it, you can attract that thing that you want to happen in your life.  But I’d like you to try it not by sleeping, but by actually “daydreaming” about how it would look like if you have achieved that dream, and visualising the exact thing you’re dreaming about. How would you feel? What would you see, what would you hear? How would you experience if you reached your dream? Visualising and truly feeling how you would feel if you reached your dream, will send out positive vibration out. You feel better, and according to the Law of Attraction, you will attract whatever you think and really want. Positive vibrations will attract positive experiences, so if you keep dreaming, your dreams will be attracted to you. Be specific in your dreams; what is it exactly you dream about?

Set your intentions. Sometimes a dream can just be a “dream”, and one of the reasons is that your dream may be too vague. You’re not specific enough in what you want to achieve, what your exact dream is. So spend time on getting clear about what it is you want, and then set your intention to get it. Say to yourself: “I will achieve this and that”, and send this intention out. Keep this intention. And remind yourself of this intention.

Fuel it with soul driven action. Now DO. Take action. Massive action, go out there and work on achieving your dreams. But, there is a but, take action because you KNOW it’s the right step. Because you feel good about taking that action. I believe that we need “flow” in action. If you believe that pushing and groaning and stressing is the way to achieve your dream, you’re wrong. You will truly realise your dreams by taking action because you feel good about those actions. Because each and single one of those actions make you feel good.  When you feel good, you know you are connecting to that divine part of our lives, the Universe, God, or however you may call it, that is there for us to support and guide us all the way towards our dreams. When you’re in flow, you know it’s the right path. And enjoy the ride.

Share your dreams. Share your dreams with others, tell them about what it is you are dreaming about. The more you talk about it, the more it becomes a reality for you. Get enthusiastic and excited and that again will send out massive positive vibration, and the more you talk about it, the more it also becomes a reality for you. Afraid to fail?

Deal with your limiting beliefs. The old beliefs that you’re not worth it, you lack confidence, your full of self-doubt.. throw them out. They are keeping you away from achieving your dream. They will stand in the way of taking that action and progressing. Trust those feelings of being in “flow”. If it feels good, it’s the right way to go. Don’t doubt that. Read more about limiting beliefs here.

Feel like you already have achieved your dreams. I use daily positive affirmations in present tense that tell me that I have already achieved my dreams. Write what it is what you want on a piece of paper this way: “I am a successful (insert what you want to be)” or  “I live on a tropical island”. So ACT if it’s already there. Again, it lifts your spirit and vibration and will send out positive signals into the universe.

Keep focused. It’s not going to help if you keep being distracted by oh so many things in daily life. If you don’t have focus, you don’t know where you’re going. So every single day, focus on what is important to you, and focus on that step that you can take to get you closer to your dream. Every day a little step, or maybe 2. So get those distractions out of the way and focus on your dreams. Because it’s your purpose to live your dreams and play this game here on earth.

No go for it, chase them!



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