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Coaching | The Women's Revolution


How often have you tried to make improvements your life, but it doesn’t seem to make a lasting difference? You’ve tried different approaches and you start out well, but you hit some stumbling blocks and eventually you give up. Are you sick of the stop and start cycle? I can help break this cycle for good and set your mindset for life long success.

The reason why you have failed to reach your goals is very likely because of deep rooted beliefs that are standing between you and your dream life.

Self-doubt. Unworthiness. Not feeling good enough. Fear of failure.

If you want to live a life you love, you need to master your mind and your feelings. Having good intentions is not enough. If you don’t overcome the negative beliefs, feelings and thought patterns in your mind, you will stay stuck. 

In our one-on-one coaching sessions I help you to identify the mindset blocks and false beliefs that are keeping you from living the life that you love.

Your self-sabotage. Your procrastination. Your self-doubt.

I use coaching techniques to change limiting beliefs and create a mindset of success, of abundance and possibility.

I will help you to gain a clear perspective on your life and to get to know yourself better. From a place of knowing who you are and what drives you, you can make more conscious choices to create a life that you truly love.

Is this right for you?

This is right for you if:

  • You are stuck in a rut and you’ve tried everything to get out of it.
  • You know that you have beliefs about yourself and your life that are not serving you. They are holding you back.
  • You don’t know what you want out of life. You lack motivation and direction.
  • You want to find your purpose and live a life you love!
  • You want to work for it and are serious about taking control of your life.
  • You are committed to put in 100% to finally change your life and start thriving!
Coaching - Is this right for you? | The Women's Revolution


I have just finished another session with Marije Wahle and feel so much better for it. I am so grateful to have met you Marije and spent this time with you over the past few months. I feel more confident and contented and see more clearly the life I will live for me and my family.


I have been working with Marije for a few weeks now and since our first session together, my consciousness has started a deep and long overdue transformation. I feel like I’m reaching a new level of empowerment, self-love and happiness with each session. Marije helps me and supports me in facing my fears, removing ALL blocks in a very gentle yet incredible effective way! I’ve never experienced such a wonderful coaching experience. I’m really becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be, without inner limits, inner demons.. completely free.

Audrey Testimonial | The Women's Revolution

I was lucky enough to receive a very empowering session from Marije. Very quickly she found the root of my problem and 45 minutes later she peeled away a layer that I was still holding on to. I feel stronger and I know what I want instead of what I don't want.


When I first met Marije I was feeling completely out of control with my diet and exercise.
From the very first day she made me feel excited about getting that control back, getting fit and healthy, and staying that way.
I look forward to her "gruelling" workouts because I feel great afterwards and I really enjoy her company.
She is so friendly, fun and has an infectious positive attitude.


What a difference 10 weeks makes! Marije's expertise, positive energy constant support has helped hold me accountable to my health and fitness goals.
Her coaching has helped me visualise my success and her encouragement to make my own wellbeing a priority has been invaluable.


Heartfelt thanks and endless gratitude to Marije and the Womens Academy for allowing me to be part of this insightful and thought provoking course.
This course come at a perfect time in my life with many changes on the horizon. I found the workshops highly relevant, educational, inspirational and above all motivational.
I loved the opportunity to participate with a small group of amazing women in a warm and interactive environment. I particularly enjoyed the one on one sessions.
Through the use of NLP, Marije was able to assist me to explore and identify where I am holding myself back.
My learnings have been extremely insightful and tangible and have triggered a positive shift in mindset.
If you are looking for an opportunity to invest some time in yourself and dig deep to unlock your full potential, I would highly recommend The Women's Revolution.


I just wanted to thank Marije Wahle for her fantastic coaching techniques.
She really understands and digs deeper to find the 'root' of what's holding you back with your ambitions and business aspirations
and gives you the tools to make positive and forward thinking changes
Thank you! 🙂

Emily Schlecht

Thank you so much for the most AMAZING coaching session. What transpired during that session far exceeded both my expectations and imagination.
You asked all the right questions in the right way.


I have been working with Marije for 10 weeks now and am so happy she came into my life.
She has reminded me that I am just as important as those around me and to put my self first.
I now feel great on the inside and the outside. I will continue to work with Marije to help me stay focused and for guidance along the way.
Thanks Marije.

Coaching - How it works | The Women's Revolution


In my coaching sessions, I use GROWTH coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you achieve clarity and insight into what you truly want out of life. The we’ll create a crystal clear plan of how to get you there.

We will identify what is holding you back by diving deep into your subconscious mind to find the root cause of what is holding you back. Let me explain this to you.

First, we have our conscious mind. This is where we make conscious decisions. It regulates our ability to directly work, control, generate, and create our own thoughts and behaviours in the moment, not relying too much on automatic responses. 

Second, we have our unconscious mind. These are your immediate thoughts, beliefs, and impulses that are generated by your unconscious mind. It’s here that we store our perceptions of our experiences. Based on how you have experienced your life so far, your unconscious mind creates a filter. Everything that you see that through that filter is true…to you! The filter may be fear. For example, if you have experienced fear of public speaking, you may have created a “program” in your subconscious mind that public speaking is something scary.  This is how you perceive public speaking, because you have “learnt” this in your unconscious mind. So whenever you do public speaking, you sweat and become nervous, because your mind is telling you: be fearful!

These subconscious thoughts are automatic, but they often are not helpful. It’s just your brain saying, “This is the easiest route we know.” But some patterns are not useful anymore, so re-programming is needed to wire your brain in a way that serves YOU.

In my coaching I use NLP techniques to remove these patterns of unhelpful subconscious thoughts, and create patterns of thought that are supporting you in achieving YOUR goals.

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