Don’t Know What You Want? Follow These 10 Steps To Gain Clarity!

There were times in my life I was totally confused what I wanted out of life. Doubting lots of things, taking lots of new things on but never really being happy with the choices that I made.  Lack of clarity can give us overwhelm, can cause procrastination and indecisiveness. It’s like you have no direction of where your life is heading. It caused me to become depressed and anxious. Until I made the decision to take control of it.

When I made that decision it was like the world was opening up to me. Although I didn’t have any clarity at first, changing my attitude towards not knowing what I wanted, opened up the path to getting all the clarity I needed.  The Universe showed me how to gain that clarity, step by step.

When you have clarity in your life you get a sense of direction and purpose. You feel alive, excited and meaningful in your life.

You feel you matter. You feel a sense of purpose, a deep feeling that connects you to who you are and why you’re here on earth

Okay, so let’s get into this.

  1. Be 100% Responsible.  Responsible for your journey towards clarity. Make the decision to gain clarity and put in all your effort to get there. The only one who can give you clarity is YOU. Not someone else. You can have two options: decide you remain unclear, or decide to take effort to become clear and gain clarity. When I made the decision to change my life, although I didn’t know what I wanted or how, I felt an immediate release of anxiousness. I knew I was the one responsible for gaining clarity.
  2. Take Action. Without action towards gaining clarity and direction is step number 2. Without proper action, you will stay where you are. What are ways for you to find clarity? Do you need to talk to people, read books or be still? One of the things I have been doing (and still do when I feel I need some clarity) is being still and meditate. I ask my mind to come up with answers when I’m still. Not when I’m running around in circles running errands. Experiment. Try new things, be creative. Start a hobby. This will all help you to gain clarity of what you want and what you don’t want.
  3. Stop Distracting Yourself. One way to struggle with finding clarity is getting busy with daily life. Checking Facebook, meeting with friends you don’t like, just working overtime to forget about it.. It’s all pulling you away from letting clarity come in to your life. What distractions do you have in your life that are keeping you away from life?
  4. Clear Out the Clutter. Start with the physical clutter. Clean your home, use cleaning your home as a spiritual practice. Enjoy throwing away stuff that is cluttering your physical space. Throw out old clothes and keep the ones that make you feel beautiful.
  5. Visualise What You Want.  One tool I keep using every single day, is to visualise my dream life. Ask yourself:  how would my ideal day look like, where would I be, what would I do, how would I feel? Best times are either early in the morning before all the craziness or before you go to sleep. Enjoy the feelings of having the life that you want. Imagine it in your mind, and see your life playing in front of your eyes, like a movie. And feel how awesome you will feel when you have that.
  6. Create A Desire List. Write down what core desired feelings you want out of life. Is it calm and pace? Is it excitement or a sense of purpose? What feeling do
  7. Take Small Steps. You don’t have to get clarity about your whole life. Remember that life is about growing and evolving. You don’t have to have your life sorted. Focus on one little thing that makes you excited, or that feels good.
  8. Create a Specific Goal. Be specific around what you want, albeit small. It’s okay if you take a small step, but make it a clear goal. If you’re not clear, you don’t know what you’re after and the Universe will not know what to do to support you (yes, I’m a big believer in the Law Of Attraction and being specific is important to get what you want). Goals could be: “I have a job where I work with adults, from home”. You may not know what that job is, but you know you want to work with adults and you want to work from home. Send that out by being specific.
  9. Enjoy the Journey. Being unhappy while you’re unclear about your life, isn’t really working. When I made the decision to get clear, I create space in my mind and life to be open to whatever the world was presenting to me. Once I opened up, ideas came floating into my life, opportunities arose. Isn’t it exciting that you are the doorstep of something great? And you are alive now, it’s a waste of time of getting frustrated about not knowing, so be excited that the path is being made clear for you. Feeling good will send out positive vibrations, and will attract positive experiences in your life.
  10. Ask For Help. If all this doesn’t work, reach out for help. Ask a friend, or get a Life Coach.

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